Python is mainly designated for object oriented programming but it has some procedural elemets. It’s considered mostly as a scripting language as it serves to automate daily admin tasks.

On the other hand, Python has many frameworks allowing to develop web based application and web sites of course, such as Django,Flask. It’s among the top five most popular languages in the world. Python is often used in scientific,statistical and mathematical operations and calculations, data mining even in AI. It has a lot of data analysis tools.


Among Python’s features we can enumerate:

  • Easy to code: Comparing to other languages like Java or C, Python is more “human readable”, easy to understand and code.
  • Open source: Various developpers all around the world contribute its development. Free to donwload, free to install, it’s possible to find various IDLE. My favorites are Pycharm for coding and Visual Studio Code for web development.
  • GUI support: Many package to build GUI applications; PyQt5, PyQt4, wxPython, Tkinter etc.
  • High level language: No need to manage memory or deal with pointers, system architecture,already compiled.

Wikipedia, CERN, NASA, Yahoo, Google, Quora, Youtube and Instagram are few well known Python users.