1308, 2020

Article: SSH CA Certificates

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What are ssh Certificates A certificate is a digitally signed public key. Certificates from an authorized entity can be costly. Openssh supports creation of simple certificates and CA infrastructure to avoid high costs. We have two types of certificates; user certificates to authenticate users to host, server certificates to authenticate hosts to users. Hosts that are to allow “certificate authenticated login” from users must be configured to trust Certification Authority’s public key. CA’s private key is used to sign

1703, 2019

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta is here

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta is here And it’s been built with production stability and development agility in mind. There’s so much to say about RHEL 8 Beta, but I want to focus on just a few points from the corporate announcement that highlight Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta as a developer platform that: Simplifies application development – with less setup and config effort, you can more quickly get to writing code Is the easiest RHEL yet

2009, 2018

What is LDAP ?

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The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an open, vendor-neutral, industry standard application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Directory services may provide any organized set of records, often with a hierarchical structure, such as a corporate email directory. In a network, a directory tells you where in the network something is located. On TCP/IPnetworks (including the Internet), the domain name system (DNS) is the directory system used to relate the domain name to a specific network address (a

2507, 2018

Installing docker on Centos7

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Installing Docker on an existing operating system is easy. You need just some packages and add Docker repository in your repos. Make sure that you are running following commands with a sudo user or root. First update your system. [crayon-6144768ab9430828396973/] This command will add Docker repository to your system and download the latest version. "sh" at the end will install downloaded package. [crayon-6144768ab943c751311344/] Now we can enable Docker daemon for next boots, start the service then use it !

2307, 2018

Redundant disks: RAID

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Redundant Array of Independent (originally Inexpensive) Disks or RAID can be set up using hardware or software. Of course, building hardware raid is more expensive than software arrays. In return of this, it offers better permformance. Software raid will use much more ram and cpu resources. Basically, this is a storage virtualization technologies which combines multiple physical disks into logical arrays. I won’t talk about hardware raid like megaraid, MDRaid or others nor historical background of raid technology. We

203, 2018


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HOW TO RENAME VG AND LV IN REDHAT/CENTOS 7 1/2 Sometimes we need or want to change volume groups and/or logical volume names. You should be carefull when you modify root volume group because boot partition is located there. In this article we will see how to do it in a proper way. Here are detailed informations about my VG, LV and mount points. [crayon-6144768ab9fb8181814998/] I want to rename “ cl “ volume group and “root” logical volume. Let's

402, 2018

SElinux basics and management

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SElinux management, linux security, security policies, security protection are important topics for any system administrator. In a real environment, selinux and system level firewall are disabled. Some networking companies such as Cisco, AT&T set up physical firewalls to ensure security protection. SELinux is an acronym for Security-enhanced Linux. It is a security feature of the Linux kernel. There are 3 types of selinux policies: Targeted policy: Target service or file is protected. Minimum policy: Only chosen service or file

2501, 2018

The Top 10 Open Source Distros You Haven’t Heard About

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Written by Martins D. Okoi Post taken from: As I have mentioned in previous articles, the open-source community is littered with many distributions – some of which you might never get to hear about if you’re not connected to an affiliated party or happen to come across a reference ad. Plus, it’s a new year and we have been dropping Top 10 (and sometimes higher) titles since it began so you shouldn’t be surprised that we are here

2401, 2018

Command usage : pvmove

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Migrate partitions from old disk to new one. Environment: Centos7, virtual machine on KVM with 15 GB of unique disk. In this article we will see how to migrate your data from old disk to newly added one. This may save your journey if you encountered some problems with your volumes or FS and you don't have any other choice apart moving your data from one disk to another. Let's suppose block size or cylinders were altered. You want

1901, 2018

Remote logging with Rsyslog

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Rsyslog is a logging feature in recent Linux distributions such as Centos 6/7 or Rhel 6/7.  By using this deamon it’s possible to send logs from one server to another server. I will show you how to do that in basic way. I have two Centos 7 server and I will use rsyslog. In older version your logging deamon might be syslog. You can configure also syslog but I recommand to install rsyslog by using: [crayon-6144768abafe0716488149/]

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