Print() function is used to return the output (print the output) on the screen. It’s simple and easy to use.

Special characters in Print()

\n Char

Is used to skip a new line.

\t Char

This character puts between words “tab” space.

Escape Sequence  Meaning 
\newline Ignored
\\ Backslash (\)
\’ Single quote (‘)
\” Double quote (“)
\a ASCII Bell (BEL)
\b ASCII Backspace (BS)
\f ASCII Formfeed (FF)
\n ASCII Linefeed (LF)
\r ASCII Carriage Return (CR)
\t ASCII Horizontal Tab (TAB)
\v ASCII Vertical Tab (VT)
\ooo ASCII character with octal value ooo
\xhh… ASCII character with hex value hh…

Type() function

We use type() function to print data type.

Print function has special parameters

Check this example:

“*” parameter


Some times you want to introduce in your print function some variables as string,integer or float. This can be done easily with format() function.

Look at this example:

Numbers in {} tell python the order of printing variables.

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